Shoe Care 

To ensure the longevity of your shoes we would recommend care and maintenance. The bellow guidelines will ensure that your shoes are cared for in the correct way. 

We utilise and supply the highest quality brands to ensure that your shoes are an investment rather than a fast fashion purchase. 


To offer the best of our advice across our best-selling materials, our shoe care expert Cole has created his guide on how to care for your shoes. 

This information should stand you in good stead for caring and protecting for your favourite pair. 

Care Advice For

Black Leather Shoes 

Black is the easiest colour to look after. It is least likely to fade due to the high volume of pigment. The care for black shoes is simple- a lot of polish! 

To successfully apply the polish and cloth and a brush is essential to get the shine just right! 

Our best-selling black leather shoes include the brands Barker, Loake, Bellini and Panama Jack. 

Care Advice For

Brown Leather Shoes 

Brown leather covers brown, tan, mahogany and burgundy. These colours are the colours that are the most likely to fade so may require more attention! They can fade and loose their colour very easily if not looked after properly. 

We would recommend a neutral shoe cream to revive the colour of the shoes by moisturising the leather in contrast to polish which just adds a shine and sits atop of the leather. 

Cream it good to use if you get caught in the rain too! It will stop the shoes from losing their original colour. 

Cream should be applied first with a cloth, allowed to sink into the leather then the polish should be applied after the cream. 

1- Apply cream with a cloth 

2- Allow the cream to sink in 

3- Apply polish with a cloth 

4- Buff the shoe with a brush to achieve a shine (polish is useless without a brush!)

Care Advice For

Suedes & Nubucks 

It is always best to protect suede and nubucks so that they don't need cleaning. We recommend our large protector spray. 

To clean suede and nubuck we recommend using our Dasco multi cleaner. A foam based product that will sink into the suede and nourish it! We would then recommend buffing this with a suede brush.