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Our Birkenstock Guide

Birkenstock is back and here to stay. Birkenstock is known for its iconic styling and the invention of the cork footbed. Recently, the brand has teamed up with legendary designers and is spotted across every corner of the globe. Birkenstock is one of the only global brands that is both a fashion and a comfort statement. Worn and cherished by all ages... Welcome to our recommendations.

Yokono Shoes 17/05/2023

The Holiday Edit

Heading on holiday this summer? Whether you're heading abroad or hitting the road for a staycation we've got your every shoe needs covered. From stylish espadrilles to cowboy boots to comfortable walking sandals our luxury collections will take you from day to night


5 Reasons to Shop Independent

Without question, independent shops are becoming a dying art. We see it as a responsibility to ensure that our customers still love spending their time in our store and seeing interesting and inspired quality shoes. I wanted to put together the 5 reasons to shop Independent and I hope it inspires someone to choose an independent for their next purchase.


The Watkinsons Wedding Experience

Wedding season is back and here to stay. The Invites are in and we hope that you dress for your wedding with Watkinsons. Whether you're the groom, the bridesmaids or one of the special guests we can help you to find the right shoe for the occasion. 


Cowboy Boots

It's becoming clear that Cowboy boots are the standout trend for Spring Summer 2023. As we approach festival season we can expect to see cowboy boots everywhere this Spring. Cowboy boots have been around for what seems like forever but we can see that every major fashion house is embracing the trend this summer!

Loafers 21/10/2022

Autumn’s Number One Trend? Loafers..

Loafers, the quintessential British wardrobe statement, are back on trend. This Autumn we have seen so many fresh and inspiring variations of the classic ladies loafer. The classic shoe has undergone transformations in the forms of chunkier sole units, chain embellishments and bold colours.

childrens school shoes 22/07/2022

Back To School Shoes

I know what many of you are thinking- a stressful day. Stress? We've made the process seamless thanks to our new appointment booking system. We have been fitting children's shoes now for over 100 years and are constantly trying to make improvements to ensure that we provide children and their parents with the best possible service.

Holiday Shoe Mode 24/06/2022

Holiday Shoe Guide

The Summer Holidays are finally almost upon us! There is nothing better than jetting off or finding a perfect staycation. Wherever your summer holidays take you, you need the right shoes for the occasion!