Our Birkenstock Guide

Our Buyers Guide to Birkenstock

Birkenstock is back and is here to stay. Birkenstock is known for its iconic styling and the invention of the footbed. Recently the brand has also teamed up with legendary designers and can be seen across the globe. The Birkenstock is one of the only products on the globe that is both a fashion and a comfort statement. Worn and cherished by all ages. 

We wanted to share our Birkenstock recommendations....


The Heritage

Birkenstock can be traced back to 1774. It all started with shoemaker Johaan Adam Birkenstock and his commitment to craftsmanship which has been passed down from generation to generation. His great-great grandson Konran Birkenstock had an excellent idea to make and to sell flexible footbed inserts. He then invented the legendary Birkenstock footbed. The footbed paved the way for Birkenstock's success and a factory was opened in Friedburg, Germany. The footbeds soon became admired by professionals and the term anatomically shaped insole was developed. 


The Original Footbed

At the heart of every Birkenstock is their original footbed. The construction helps your feet find comfort and supports the health of the foot. The deep moulding in the heel area supports the foot tissue and holds the heel bone firmly in position. The footbed provides a high level of support and is a deep cup. The heel mould activates the calf muscles and helps to improve coordination. The support that runs through the middle of the footbed stabilises the metatarsal bone which helps to ensure that the foot has a naturally straight and solid stance. There are raised indentations at the front of the footbed near the toes to help the toes spread out into their natural position. 

The Classics

Amongst the wide ranges of Birkenstock shoes, the most famous are undoubtedly the Arizona, the Gizeh and the Madrid. The double strap Arizona open toe design is a signature of the Birkenstock line. The Birkenstock classics are made out of Birko-Flor synthetic materials and has been unchanged in terms of design for many years. Iconic and temporary. 

We offer the regular fitting classic Birkenstocks. 

Our Ladies Classic Styles include Arizona, Madrid, Gizeh & Milano

Our Mens Classic Styles: Arizona & Milano 


The EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), is a type of lightweight plastic which is water resistant. Birkenstock offer a range of classics in the EVA including the Arizona and the Gizeh. They are the ideal holiday option, if you're spending time at the beach or the pool the EVA's are a great choice. 

Available in the Arizona in navy and khaki for ladies and men. We also have the EVA available in a powder blue in the GIZEH and in a scuba red in the Arizona EVA for Summer 2022. 



The Boston

Known as the hottest shoe on the market at present, the Boston Soft Footbed clog is a classic. The Boston clog can be worn all year round and features a soft footbed for additional comfort. 

Available in black, mocha, mink or tobacco brown, the Boston is for everyone. 

We offer ladies and mens versions of the Boston Clog and have brought in a stunning antique white suede Boston clog for summer. 

The Shearling Range

The Shearling range allows Birkenstock to be an all-year brand. The Shearling lining in the Birkenstock makes this range the perfect companion for cozy winter evenings. We offer the Arizona and the Boston in the shearling range. 


Children's Birkenstock

During the summer, every child needs beach sandals for every adventure. Birkenstock kids options cater for everyone and are some of the most sought after products at the moment. 

We offer the Arizona, Rio, Roma, Milano EVA and Rio EVA for kids.