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Watkinsons Work From Home Shoes

During this global pandemic, many are faced with the dilemma of to wear or not to wear shoes. This is a question that faces many before the work from home day begins. The office has been replaced with a kitchen, table, a sofa or even a bed. Putting on a pair of shoes or slippers can provide a sense of normality and generate feelings of optimism and hope.

Although wearing a pair of socks may be the easy option, putting on a pair of Watkinsons shoes can transform a day from a lazy to a productive one. Putting on a pair of shoes can make you be the best version of yourself. That being said, putting on a pair of heeled boots or brogues with lounge-wear does not look good. Neither are trainers as they are associated with home life and exercise. Whether you are leading a virtual meeting, walking the dog, relaxing or looking after others, we have the footwear solution for both women and men.

Investing in a new pair of shoes currently need to look good, be comfortable in and out of the house and be practical for when we can leave the house. Watkinsons shoes are handpicked from the finest leathers across Europe. We are an independent, family-owned business that has been one of the most trusted retailers since 1904.

Watkinsons' suggested work from home range:

1 The Ladies Sioux Cambria

The Cambria ladies moccasin style slip-on casual shoe is both comfort and elegant. This shoe adapts to individual foot shapes and is made by one of the most reputable German shoe-makers. At £99.95 this model is a great price for working from home and for the normal workplace.

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2 - The Ultimate Gentleman's slipper, Charles

Available in red wine and black, this Grecian slipper is the most sophisticated slipper than can be worn inside. Paired with chinos or smarter trousers, Charles is a product of style and elegance. These slippers are most suitable for working from home, indoor activities and most suitable for putting your feet up after a long day of work and relaxing with a digestif.

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3- The Mephisto, Barracuda

This sturdy MEPHISTO Barraccuda men’s shoe is comfortable and incredibly versitile. Whether you are doing outdoor job, walking or gardening, this is the all rounder of mens shoes and is a great substitute to a trainer. This shoe has a Gore-Tex lining and an incredibly resistant sole which makes this shoe particularly versatile. This shoe is available in black or brown at a cost of £210.00.

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4- Daisy, women's fur lined, versatile slipper

Daisy is a moccasin style women's sheepskin slipper, she has the look of a moccassin with lining that is very comfortable for a work from home look. She looks great with jeans or trousers. This shoe is £60.00.

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