Summer Shoes for Men

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes have long been a popular choice for fashion-forward men who want to look as good at leisure as they do at the office every day. They offer comfort and support simultaneously, and they convey sophistication without being too stuffy. Also owing to their appeal, this versatile shoe style pairs well with a variety of weekend ensembles.

Tip: If you ever get a stain on your shoes, it is best to use a dry brush to get it off.


The loafer is one of the best shoe styles every man should own; it reads dressy but still relaxed. It is the perfect summer shoe for smart-casual and dressy occasions, where you don’t want to wear something that will leave your feet sweaty.

Tip: Opt for lighter colours for day events and darker shades for evening attire.

Suede Derbies

Derbies in beige, light brown or tan generally pair better with sharp, summer-weight suiting than darker chocolate shades or black as well as slim-cut chinos and trousers, linen shirts, cotton blazers, pique polos and tailored shorts.

Tip: It’s advisable to keep a suede brush to hand, as the textured and porous nature of the material.

Leather Sandals

The smartest and most style-savvy among you should instead be opting for a summer-ready men's sandal or slider, not just to let your feet breathe, but to stay true to the ever-growing adoption of this kind of relaxed footwear on Spring/Summer. Every single pair boasts a contoured, malleable footbed for better comfort, all housed within a classic, easy-to-wear shape.

Tip: Sebago Odour eliminator is an excellent way to remove unwanted smells from your leather sandals.


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