Back to School With Watkinsons

As schools prepare to return back this September, the world is a different place to the world in March. It is important to ensure that your child has good shoes for a new school year and a new start.

One thing is for certain and that is that feet will have grown since March. Lockdown and the close of businesses throughout the company has prevented everyone from being measured and receiving the advice required for children to return back to school. Shoes are one of the

We are offering a bespoke one to one service to help you and your children get back to school safely and in style. Our staff our experts in their field and we have adapted our store to ensure that we adhere to the government COVID regulations. Your Safety in store is our priority.

We still have many iconic shoe designs in store! There is something to suit everybody! We stock Start Rite, Ricosta, Geox and many more.

Please book online to secure your appointment to get your children back to school safely

We look forward to see you in store!

If you have any questions please do get in contact or come in store to see our facilities!

Please note that our policy is one booking per child.


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